Thursday, June 11, 2009

What is Spit for Science all about?

What is the purpose of our research?
We want to improve diagnosis and treatment of behaviour, learning and attention problems in children through research.

We are studying the influence of genetic factors on the way we think (cognition) and act (behaviour). Cognition refers to processes such as memory, attention, and problem solving that influence how we deal with information from the outside world.

In particular, we are interested in looking at commonly experienced repetitive, interfering thoughts and behaviours, as well as attention and activity level, since many children have problems in these areas.

Why do we ask you to Spit for Science?
All genes are made up of DNA, and DNA can be collected from any cells in the body, including cells found in saliva. By looking at differences in the DNA from people with different degrees of a certain behaviour, scientists can work out which genes are related to the behaviour in question.

This is what DNA looks like!


  1. Cool!

    I didn't know you can get DNA from spit!!!

  2. How do I become a participant???

  3. great Idea,got to love science